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Bite Size Potato Skins
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Bite Size Potato Skins

Potato skins have been around since 1974 and quickly became a popular appetizer in restaurants. I remember TGI Fridays restaurant always had the crispiest, most delicious potato skins ever. It used to be my mom’s favorite restaurant so I’m guilty of going there often. Regular potato skins can be a bit time consuming, but these […]

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Homemade PopTarts

Kellogg’s PopTarts were a staple in my house growing up. My mom would let us have them often, but never the really good kind. My brother and I would never get to eat the s’mores or brown sugar cinnamon flavors, it was always blueberry or strawberry (you know so at least they were a little […]

Patriotic Popcorn overhead spill zoom out

Patriotic Popcorn

This Fourth of July you HAVE to make Patriotic Popcorn! It’s a yummy snack to munch on during the fireworks that’s effortless to make and includes CHOCOLATE! It’s definitely going to be a crowd pleaser. All you need is popcorn (simply salted, no butter), chocolate melts (red and blue) and sprinkles (optional). First, pop the […]

American Flag Fruit Platter top

American Flag Fruit Platter

How is it July already? The year is half over, and not that we need a reminder, but Christmas is right around the corner! Anyway, enough of that nonsense. The Fourth of July is probably one of my favorite holidays because it happens in the middle of summer. Which means BBQ’s, picnics, pool parties – […]